Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Print Screens

1. It's been an insanity of a trip... And we're still going on. I'm tired, feeling like I can't do this anymore, just toughing it up... But finding reasons to be grateful & happy prove me otherwise. I'll rest soon though. Why I've been surviving lately, is so far beyond me...

Disclaimer: People only see 1 side of the pic, & usually the nice parts. Most sides of this reality barely have anything to do w/ glamor. But about stretching myself in more ways than I thought possible... Still trying to respond the best way I can, in such a demanding, often degrading, mostly negative environment. Not all sure why this is my place now but I hope I don't give up until it's time to do so. Still appreciative... 

2. "How very arky"?! Friends talking behind my back:)) Fixing my place now before my guests arrive waaaa so excited to see you 3... Tash, Chuck, Ann... Quiiick.

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